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“Words of Appreciation and Praise from Our Valued Customers”

LMC had a natural understanding of what Soho House were trying to achieve!

“We really enjoyed working with Lara and the team at LMC on Soho House Mumbai. They really helped pull everything together between the Soho House team in London and the on-the-ground requirements in Mumbai. It wasn’t easy because of the huge amount of different design elements which needed to be sourced and co-ordinated on a tight timetable, combined with the challenges of execution in India. Perhaps the most critical aspect was that LMC had a natural understanding of what Soho House were trying to achieve. Without this, things would have been quite difficult!”

– Chris

It is truly a masterpiece!

“Lara and her attention to detail and commitment to creating a comfortable and functional space is truly remarkable. One of the standout features that I noticed was the inclusion of a library, gym, and cafeteria. These spaces are crucial for the overall well-being of the cadets and staff. The library provides a quiet place for cadets to study and research, while the gym offers a place for them to exercise and stay healthy. The cafeteria, providing a space for students and staff to enjoy healthy meals and socialize.

I am truly impressed with her work on this project. The spacious rooms, natural light, and elegant color combinations, along with the natural ventilation system, create an environment that is both beautiful and functional. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and expertise in designing this superbly designed sports academy hostel. It is truly a masterpiece..”

– Gurmeet Singh Rao (Tata Steel)

The end result is a beautiful, functional office!

“I hired LMC Architects to help with the interior design of our apartment(Double Urban residence), and we hired them again years later for our office interior design. I am extremely happy with their design, and with the way our office turned out. LMC architects considered not only what the space was going to look like, but also how it was going to be used. The end result is a beautiful, functional office that we receive compliments on almost daily basis. I highly recommend LMC architects to anyone who is looking to renovate a residential or a commercial space.”

– Ketan Sheth

Delivered the 6-month project on time, within budget and I was absolutely delighted!

“Renovating a home is always a tricky decision. More so when it is an ancestral, heritage structure built by one’s own grandfather. Choosing Lara and Sonal for this project was one of the most sound decisions I’ve ever made. Lara’s ability to uncover the essence of the apartment, propose a design scheme intrinsically connected to the nature of the apartment and its milieu is a thing of beauty even 10 years later. Sonal’s attention to detail and meticulous project management made working with the team a breeze. The LMC team delivered the 6-month project on time, within budget and I was absolutely delighted. Thank you for the joy this apartment continues to bring me each time I step into it.”

– Chetan

A marvellous work environment!

“Having LMC team, with Lara leading it,was key to achieve the office opening on time and have a very successful outcome. Lara and LMC team did a great job, coordinating with the teams in Barcelona to understand how the office should look like and proposing local solution that satisfies Abertis requirements. Then, during the construction process, the team was on top of it, guaranteeing the quality of the material and works, all that within the time established so we were able to inaugurate the office as foreseen. Once finished and opened, LMC has always been available to do or help in any maintenance needed.
Thanks LMC team for providing us such a marvelous work environment.”

– Josep

We truly appreciate Lara and LMC’s design vision!

“Our apartment has the rare distinction of being designed twice by LMC! Once for the previous owners(LL Villa) and then for us. We have seen the pictures of the first transformation, and you would be hard pressed to believe it is the same apartment. You can truly appreciate Lara and LMC’s design vision.
With the redesign for us, LMC had the challenge of re-imagining the same space but with our aesthetic preferences and they did a stellar job.
They were always ready with design options for us to choose from – whether it be a wardrobe or a railing or a breakfast counter. Their aesthetic is fresh and does not make your home look like a stereotypical hotel lobby. It is personalised – your home feels like your home.
We would not think twice about engaging them again!”

– Meera Razdan

Lara can deliver the picture you have in your mind!

“I have known Lara since she came to India and started her company. She is one of those rare minds where you can talk to about design and aesthetic and she can deliver the picture you have in your mind. She has worked with us on our plans for Mandwa Port Developemnt and the Beach Box which have been signature developments for us. I wish her team and her lots of success and and good wishes in the years ahead.”


– Aashim Mongia

Een mooie, moderne en goed doordachte mantelzorgwoning ontworpen!

“Lara de Rooij en haar medewerkers hebben een mooie, moderne en goed doordachte mantelzorgwoning ontworpen. Met respect voor de waterlandse stijl.
Volledig naar onze wens.”

– Ute Rochar

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