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Club House

This concept design for our client Tata Housing, required internal flexibility, future expansion possibilities in height as well as on the side, smart usages of common space, while still giving the building an exceptional exterior look and feel, from close by as well as from a far distance. The design includes the architectural envelop of the building, the internal space planning as well as the atmospheric feel of the entrance, reception, meeting rooms, experience area, cafe and lounge.

Tata Housing






25,000 Sq. Ft / 2350 Sq. M





  • CLIENT : Tata Housing
  • LOCATION : Bangalore
  • YEAR : 2017
  • AREA : 25,000 Sq. Ft / 2350 Sq. M
  • PROJECT TYPE : Interior
  • CATEGORY : Commercial

The long wooden sculptured reception desk, underneath the void which connects the visitor visually to the first floor meeting pods. The backdrop of the reception is a leave pattern embossed concreted wall. The visitor will automatically be drawn towards the bright experience tunnel on the right.

The entrance of the building is marked by a large cantilever of the first floor, where we used frit glass to block the harsh South Sun. On the right you can see the grand staircase where a leave pattern laser cut screen underneath the skylights provides moving shadow patterns on the load baring double height wall.

Meeting pods on the first floor, where visitors are literally wrapped with wood. The meeting pods are placed around the double height space, which is placed above the reception desk. This double height therefore is experienced in a grand way, twice.

The experience tunnel has concave walls to create an enhanced perspective view. The repetitive LED strip lights enhance this experience. The display is mostly digital, which provides for different subjects to be displayed at different times to optimize the number of visitors. Polished concrete floors are used throughout the ground and first floor, to enable the interiors to change over time easily.

Visitors either reach the first floor by the lift or the grand staircase from the reception. Above the staircase a skylight with a laser cut leave pattern mesh provides light to the double height wall, and leaves a shadow pattern moving throughout the day. On the first floor the visitors can enjoy a movie in the theater, or choose to relax in the cafe. The cafe could at a later stage be changed to a lounge. Designs for both were provided to the client.

The cantilever of the first floor, almost touching the drop off area, seems to project from the load bearing East wall where all services are vertically hidden behind facade screens.

The cafe can at a later point in time, be transformed into a lounge bar. Again this design comprises of various seating, for various kind of meetings, to cater best to the wide variety of visitors.

The west facade, which can be seen from afar, leaving a lasting impression with its enveloped first floor, overhanging on all sides, where balconies are created to enjoy the surrounding views. The frit glass turns from the South facade (on the right) over to the west facade, but diminishes when the glass facade is recessed.

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