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Titan Hideaway

This contemporary abode, originally conceived as a 3-bedroom apartment, underwent a thoughtful transformation into a 2-bedroom retreat, driven by the desire to fashion an expansive informal space. The very essence of our design endeavor lies in the pursuit of an environment that marries elegance with an understated casualness. Each element was meticulously curated to ensure a harmonious coexistence of refined aesthetics and the soothing embrace of comfort.



Lower Parel, Mumbai




2,000 Sq.Ft





  • LOCATION : Lower Parel, Mumbai
  • YEAR : 2023
  • AREA : 2,000 Sq.Ft
  • PROJECT TYPE : Interior
  • CATEGORY : Residential

The living-dining arrangement embodies a calm, youthful, homely atmosphere. The space is adorned with a stunning book-matched grey marble, accented by touches of blue and wood. This informal area exudes elegance and tranquility, seamlessly connecting the rooms and creating a cozy sanctuary.

The house is adorned with a stunning array of beautiful lights, creating a captivating ambiance throughout. A seamless automation system empowers the lighting, allowing us to curate personalized scenes tailored to the client’s every mood. These thoughtful details elevate the overall experience of the home, infusing it with a unique and personal touch. It’s a space where light becomes an art, illuminating not just the rooms but also the emotions and moments that fill them.

The den room exudes comfort and coziness, a welcoming haven for the clients. Amidst the minimalistic home, the perfect blend of elements such as the wooden skirting, rounded corner mouldings, and a niche with a wooden shelf infuse a delightful homely touch. It’s a harmonious fusion of style and warmth, creating a space where the heart feels at ease.


The entrance and its adjoining passage are ingeniously crafted as a seamless wooden volume, gracefully folding to form the passage ceiling. Throughout this passage, wall mouldings add a touch of elegance, elegantly contrasting against the concrete finished wall. The powder bathroom continues the captivating design language, featuring a stunning ceiling tap that stands as a striking black accent within the exquisite grey enclosure.


The guest bedroom is adorned with a soothing mint hue, featuring a custom headboard and bed perfectly tailored to the room’s dimensions. A strategically placed circular mirror elegantly expands the space by reflecting the bedroom and the window opposite it. Adding a touch of vintage charm, a backlit arched volume in wood serves as a dedicated space for the beautifully crafted Victorian-styled wardrobe, custom-made to delight the client.

The master bedroom emanates a sense of cozy warmth with its charming wooden flooring that welcomes you with every step. A gracefully curved grey textured wall serves as a striking backdrop, accentuating the beauty of the exquisite cane king-sized bed.


In a mesmerizing display of craftsmanship, the wooden skirting gracefully transforms into a delightful wrap around the wardrobes, adorned with a captivating blue paint. The gentle curves at the corners evoke a sense of softness reminiscent of the serene den room, infusing the entire space with a soothing aura. Delicate wooden custom handles elegantly punctuate the recessed shutters, creating a subtle yet striking contrast against the  blue backdrop.

01 Entrance II 02 Passage II 03 Living II 04 Dining II 05 Bar II 06 Den II 07 Guest bedroom II 08 Guest bathroom II 09 Master bedroom II 10 Walk in wardrobe II 11 Master bathroom II 12 Bathroom II 13 Kitchen II 14 Deck II 15 Utility II 16 Staff bedroom II 17 Staff bathroom

Photos by Kuber Shah

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