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Marine Drive Beautification

The international pitch for the beautification of 5.5km of streetscape in south Mumbai, India, comprehended a tremendous task to understand the specific social and historical context of this 90 year old crescent, shown in almost every Bollywood movie also known as



Marine Drive Mumbai




19 Ha


Urban Design


Master planning

  • LOCATION : Marine Drive Mumbai
  • YEAR : 2015
  • AREA : 19 Ha
  • PROJECT TYPE : Urban Design
  • CATEGORY : Master planning

The all over concept ‘Don’t fix what is not broken’ with an approach of non-change was applied to all area’s that functioned adequate. Here only an upgrade of durable materials along with thought through detailing was part of the design pitch.

The second all over concept comprehended of the approach to cater to all visitors along the entire stretch, each with its own area by letting them connect the space.

We approached the crescent concept design in plan, but detailed it in section for every part of the stretch.

The face lift of the promenade includes a design for the sea wall and a specially detailed pedestrian pathway lane system, hinting and slower pedestrians on one side of the promenade and faster pedestrian traffic on one side, with distance indications in the floor.

We proposed underpasses to unclutter the public space by removing foot over bridges. By this we provide a view of the heritage of the historic crescent.

Connect with heritage.This culminated in a detailed ecological approach for parks in the stretch between the beach, Chowpatti, and the 8lane road. The parks would function as a sound barrier for the beach and provide space for all the statues that were scattered along the 5.5km stretch, adding up to a heritage walk along statues of various freedom fighters.

Connect with waterThe design includes a specialized pathway curved out of the sea wall to provide pedestrians a close up with the Back Bay water. The pathway slopes to provide easy run off of sea water between high and low tide. This water connector path is designed at the end of Veer Nariman Street, to provide a node at the end of an urban east / west axis through South Mumbai.

Connect with the edge.
After extensive studies we found that the existing sea wall was equally used by people to view the calmness of the sea and sunset as well as to look at the bustling city. The redesign of the sea wall therefore provides space for both viewing directions with detailing to provide clean and dry seating, even after a heavy rain.

Connecting areas.
A redesign of the public area of Mafatlal swimming pool and boat club provides space for the public to connect to the pools, boats, beach and sea. A beach path around the amenities gives the public the option of doubling the current length of a beach walk.

Connect with the city Unclutter the urban stretch by relocating hawkers and removing foot bridges by designing underground passages with food stalls.

Ecology connectA holistic ecology approach is designed to maintain the existing green pockets and provide connectivity between them. The design includes details for pollution reduction along the entire crescent.

A detailed lighting design provides the ‘Queens Necklace’ with the grandeur of a spectacular night view, as it used to be.

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