LMC Architects

Little Gibs Road

This residence aims to provide private space for all its four users, while being together. The large living area holds different spaces for specific use. The walnut wooden counter bar provides space for a quick breakfast, storage for the dining as well as space for larger groups to enjoy sports on television. Behind the column of the living there is a movable counter with a bar stool for secluded studies while being in the living.

Tanna Builders


Malabar Hill, Mumbai




2,250 Sq.Ft





  • CLIENT : Tanna Builders
  • LOCATION : Malabar Hill, Mumbai
  • YEAR : 2012
  • AREA : 2,250 Sq.Ft
  • PROJECT TYPE : Interior
  • CATEGORY : Residential

The grey marble ledge next to the open corner window underneath the wooden ceiling provides a great quiet spot in the morning while overlooking the lush green trees, the biggest advantage of being on the 4th floor, next to the trees tops.

By placing the bar counter as an object in the middle of the living, a separate tv area was created.

By reopening an original window in the master bedroom, this room has ample of daylight and cross ventilation. The rose wood antique four poster bed has elegant wallpaper behind the headboard and matching color wallpaper on the opposite wall. This wall paper extends up and wraps around in the niche, which protrudes in the kitchen area behind, but due to a concrete beam could not be utilized in the kitchen. In the same way the additional TV equipment is placed in a deep ledge underneath which is partly in the bedroom and extends into the kitchen space behind.

By embedding the wardrobes in the walls, the space does not feel enclosed or small. By paying attention to detailing of the directions of the veneer of the wardrobes we were able to create a contemporary finish to more traditional wardrobe. The stainless steel handles were designed and custom made for this project.

The L-shaped master bathroom is cladded on wall and floor with grey Italian marble in which white elements contrast with, such as the comfortable seating ledge in the shower when the massage nozzles are on as well as the window and counter. Although the master bathroom is a small area, it provides space for all requirements.

By placing a partition wall in the living, relocation of the entrance door became possible, without looking into the living area while in front of the door. The partition wall provides space for both sides, storage for the entrance with a marble ledge as well as space for the TV to be embedded with its required equipment.

The inbuilt bar cabinet opens up to become a full serving bar when required.

This original two bedroom apartment was transformed in a three bedroom to provide each child their own space, with its own characteristics; the girls room has a spacious walk in closet, while the boys room has a podium bed with numerous flexibilities, such as an extendable study desk, drawers in the podium steps and changeable stainless steel shelves in the long wooden headboard.

The clients requirement to be able to watch cricket matches with a large group of friends and family was fulfilled with the C-shaped bar counter which could be used for other occasions as well and provides storage space for crockery and cutlery next to the dining table.

By designing the compact kitchen in detail we achieved space for all requirements in simple clean lines. New concrete tiles with a pattern were designed for the floor to fit the overall feel of the house.

A study area inbuilt in the wall with a wooden ceiling above provides a separate space in the room.

By designing the overall layout of the house we took into account the cross ventilation which are supported by large stainless steel fans, natural daylight, comfort, privacy and flexibility.

Photography by Radhika Raj

All air conditioners have a 5 star rating, all toilets have dual flush, an aqua guard, instead of a water consuming reverse osmoses was opted for and LED lighting as well as PL lights where possible.

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