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Head Office Rotterdam

The American client required a large, flexible office space for their new head office in at the centre of Rotterdam, on Weena, among many high rise buildings. The main entrance displays transparency through the office and the organization. Visitors can see the boardroom from the main reception area, overlooking the internal staircase, connecting the two floors. The design is build up out of volumes, planes, lines and spaces within area's, using various grey materials and using red accents, to highlight the corporate colour or the organization.

Jones Lang Lasalle NL


Rotterdam, Netherlands




32,000 Sq. Ft





  • CLIENT : Jones Lang Lasalle NL
  • LOCATION : Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • YEAR : 2017
  • AREA : 32,000 Sq. Ft
  • PROJECT TYPE : Interior
  • CATEGORY : Corporate

Located on Weena, in the centre of Rotterdam, this European Corporate Head office of an American company, will be situated on the 5th and 6th floor of a low rise building. The frontage of the building on the South and West is ideal for branding purpose.

The boardroom is designed with transparency and openness towards the reception. To define the space of the board room table a wooden wrap is design to envelop the space. Marble pedestals provide space for the founders of the company to always be present during meetings, to refer to the company’s origins and history.

The main reception area leading to the internal staircase. Waiting area’s on either side if the staircase are demarcated by the dark grey volumes, embracing these spaces from the floor, walls and lowered ceilings.

Axonometric view of the lower floor of the head office, showing three compartments, dictated by fire compartment regulations. The main restaurant is situated in the middle, to provide easy accessibility to all. Each compartment has its own set of meeting rooms, coffee corners, printer stations and concentration desks. Common table are provided are various locations to stimulate different teams and departments to interact and work together.

This axonometric view of the main sixth floor clearly displays the viewing axes through the office from the main reception, over the internal staircase to the lower floor, past the waiting area’s and meeting rooms, into the board room. This floor houses all the representative spaces of the head office, including partner cabins, 12 and 14 seater meeting rooms as well as a high end restaurant.

The open office spaces have been designed with openness and cleanliness in lines and material choice. Although office space is connected to the circulation space, the two are demarcated my material use, while providing spill out space for dedicated concentration desks.

01 Internal staircase to management floor  II  02 reception  II  03 waiting area  II  04 meeting rooms  II  05 open office  II  06 concentration desk  II  07 common table  II  08 coffee corner  II  09 printer station  II  10 cabin  II  11 restaurant  II  12 kitchen  II 13 staircase and elevator  II 14 bathroom  II

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