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The vision for this 23.3 Ha plot comprehends the approach of combining 275 villas, 300 service apartments, a 250 key 5star hotel with office space and a health spa in a natural and ecologically friendly ambiance. The design covers a special approach for the public roads, common areas and facilities as well as the required green ecology approach of a modern neighborhood. The central spine of the plot is accessible for all users and provides the required leisure and community space for a neighborhood.

Gulf Holdings FZC


Dubailand, Dubai




24 Ha


Urban Design


Mixed - use

  • CLIENT : Gulf Holdings FZC
  • LOCATION : Dubailand, Dubai
  • YEAR : 2007
  • AREA : 24 Ha
  • PROJECT TYPE : Urban Design
  • CATEGORY : Mixed - use

In association with: STUP Consultant Pvt Ltd

A neighbourhood in the enormous entertainment complex dubailand as envisioned in 2003

The plot is located in the center of Dubailand, with the shorter side facing the main artery road and next to Arabian Ranges.
Various options of the master plan design.

By making use of cull-de -sacs roads for the villas we provide privacy in each smaller neighborhood, with safety on the street for smaller children to play freely. In this way the central spine of the site is left open for community garden space with a lingering water body providing the natural cooling effect for the public space.

The hotel and service apartment located on a separate site on the northern end of the plot have direct access to the main centre road of Dubailand, while the amenities are accessible to the villas from the common garden area.

The health spa and common amenities are placed in a low building mass with a roof garden. With this design we give the ground space back to the public, providing the required open space which is crucial for a healthy and safe neighbourhood.
In phase 1 the initial design was only for the northern 12Ha of the plot, which in the second phase enlarged to 23.3Ha.

The enlarged master plan provides space for 267 Villas in 3 different sizes, 317 Service Apartments, 253 Hotel rooms, a Health Spa and an office. The community facility design envisions a kindergarten, Mosque, Park Community Centre, Commercial Services, Parking Streets Open space.
1. Entrance || 2. Hotel Services || 3. Service Apartments || 4. Villa Economy || 5. Villa Luxury || 6. Villa Deluxe || 7. SPA || 8. Open Space || 9. Club House

The Cull de Sac roads separate the public areas from the semi public areas, which are placed between the gardens of the villas.
Dubailand is an entertainment complex being built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is owned by Tatweer. When announced in 2003 it was one of the most ambitious leisure developments ever proposed anywhere in the world costing 64.3 billion.
Development has been severely impacted by global recession and Dubai’s financial crisis. The development was put on hold in 2008. Currently Dubai Properties Group has taken over Dubailand from Tatweer.

Dubailand is divided into six zones, called worlds: Attractions and Experience World, Sports and Outdoor World, Eco-Tourism World, Themed Leisure and Vacation World, Retail and Entertainment World, and Downtown.

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