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An international competition to design a master plan that will quadruple the size of the Middle Eastern city of Doha in Qatar over the next 20 years. The master plan will see Doha grow from its current population of about 500,000 people to 2 million by 2025. We were competing against an international shortlist featuring Italian practice Gregotti Associati, French practice Chaptentier Associates, London practice Gensler, GHD of Australia, PCI of Tokyo and Singapore firm Surbana. PCI from Tokyo finally won. We placed second in the competition.

Doha Municipality


Doha, Qatar




11,000 Ha


Urban Design


Master planning

  • CLIENT : Doha Municipality
  • LOCATION : Doha, Qatar
  • YEAR : 2008
  • AREA : 11,000 Ha
  • PROJECT TYPE : Urban Design
  • CATEGORY : Master planning

In association with : STUP Consultants pvt ltd
In collaboration with : Norplan Group existing of: STUP, NSW Norway, Asplan Norway, Metropolitan Workshop London
Many modern Middle Eastern cities face huge long-term difficulties. To have built with such environmental disregard that scale went untempered by climate, to think that the desert heat would be forever annulled by the depths of the oil well, has created for today’s world of diminishing resources a region in real risk of disaster. These are known problems, but their solutions remain obscure.
How can we build sustainable urban models in existing cities?
The requirement for a modern Islamic city, but rooted in the past, the heritage and the culture.
For us the most important item was looking at the history. In 1947, it was just a fishing village, then the 1950s oil and gas money hit and there were big urbanisation and eventually suburbanisation issues.

The Concept for Greater Doha is characterized by a clearly defined boundary to growth, a green structure of radial linear parks and dust barriers, a state of the art mass public transport system and an enlarged city center, nodal townships and corridors of high density developments connected to the mass transport systems and road systems.
The master plan has emerged from an in-depth understanding of the existing urban morphology of Doha, based on historical and aerial photographs.
The business districtThe design centers around the required densities to create a business district atmosphere with the connectivity to the daily entrance and exist mass public transport as well as an intertwined layer of pedestrian walkways along green corridors and water bodies for providing natural evaporation cooling.

The Vision for Greater Doha envisions: The continual worldwide escalation of demand for oil and gas an will give increasing wealth and opportunity to the energy producing nations.
New type of cites will be created based on major economic centers. Cities that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. Cities that are attractive to their own residents and foreign businesses as well as to discerning tourists.
Doha will be such a city!

The future success of Doha will rest on several pillars offering global centers of excellence in many of the following fields, for which specific design concepts were established: Education, research and development, Healthcare, Sport and recreation, Commerce, business and banking, Quality tourism, High end living for permanent residents and retirees and Conventions, congresses and trade fairs.
The model of 3m by 4m displayed the design ideas by area, the business district, the corniche, the finger like parks through the city, the old city as well as the mass transport hubs. The light penetrates through the Perspex’s buildings, identifying the desired mass density by their height and the mass transport system is identified in red nodes.

We propose a major system of landscaped green corridors radiating from the central area of the city towards the proposed satellite towns of Greater Doha. The green corridors will run through the residential areas providing an attractive outdoor neighborhood area for a large proportion of the population. We have named the green corridors Nomadic trails leading into the central park – The Oasis. The Oasis is conceived as a large and lush park. It will contain several world class attractions and be the central meeting place of Greater Doha.

Architectural expression of buildings is suggested in the most important buildings in the central business district. The parks and green corridors linger through these buildings are green fingers.
We integrated existing plans for parts of Doha into the master plan, such as the Seven Lighthouses of Doha by a consultant’s team of Ove Arup, DVA Paysagistes and Yann Kersaleacute.

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